Apr 18, 2011


I was never someone to really "suffer" from allergies. I would get the occasional stuffy nose, but for the most part that was it. Let me just tell you that living in South Carolina is a whole different ball game. This state takes allergies to the next level! From what I've heard (and what my husband's doctor has said), most people experience allergy issues once they move to SC. With the Spring weather in full effect (and a mainly mild winter) I've had allergy ailments come out of nowhere and wreak havoc on my life.

We've all seen the commercials showing folks looking all crazy with red and watery eyes... well, itchy eyes are NOTHING to play with. I was a clueless as to what it was until it started hitting me, but about a month or so ago I couldn't keep my hands from rubbing my eyes. They itched beyond belief - - this nonstop, annoying, irritated feeling that despite how much I scratched and rubbed would not go away. There were nights I stayed awake rubbing my eyes, only to try using visine (barely worked) and fall asleep with a cold washcloth press on them. In addition to the itchy eyes I started experiencing itchy ears/throat. I was using q-tips at an alarming rate... but I have to admit it felt SO good to dig deep in my ears with those things. I know we're technically not supposed to use q-tips to clean our ears but it feels SO good.... especially when you're digging deep and hit that money spot! My god... Score one for the home team lol.

But back to the allergies lol - - I was tired of waking up with eyes that were fused together by discharge so I decided to give Allegra a try. I had originally bought it for my husband, but his doctor ended up putting him on different allergy meds so we had it lying around. Wow... this stuff did AMAZING things for me. I know it sounds a bit corny to go so hard for an allergy medicine, but I LOVE this stuff. If you're someone that doesn't necessarily suffer from allergies but are experiencing some issues I would recommend this. It's no longer prescription-only so you can get it OTC from any store. I only take 1 pill a day (they last 24 hrs) and I've had NO issues with it.

It feels wonderful being able to have my eyes function...

At a recent meet-up I attended someone suggested I try a neti pot for my allergies. I was wondering if anyone had used it before? If so, what did you think?

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