Apr 12, 2011

New kids on the 'Reality Block'

Tonight marks the addition of two new shows to the world of reality TV: "Sinbad: It's Just Family" and "Braxton Family Values". Both shows feature the family dynamics of rather famous brown faces - - Sinbad and Toni Braxton.

With 5 sisters the Braxtons have a female brood that rivals that of the Kardashians. Baby sister Tamar seems like she may be the breakout star as she isn't one to bite her tongue and is full of one liners. I never knew much about their family so this show will be a whole need learning experience for me. Hell, I can only name a few Toni Braxton songs lol. Still, it looks like it may be one to watch.

Catch the season premiere tonight on WE tv @ 8/9c

After being divorced for 10 years, Sinbad and his ex-wife are getting back together, along with their 20-something kids moving back into the family home. This show chronicles Sinbad's journey trying to make a come-back in Hollywood and reconnect his family unit.

I'm always fascinated with celebs that are obsessed with making a "come-back". Is it so bad to have had success, made your $, and be left to go about living a normal life? Sinbad always came off as a little bit corny to me, but the show may be a nice change of pace for him... it really just depends on what he does with it.

Series premieres tonight on WE tv @ 10/9c


ShandyLand said...

Can't wait to check out both. Plus Lisa Raye's lol

South Loop Social Light said...

I totally forgot about Lisa Raye. There are just way too many shows to watch lol

Bajan Beauty said...

Tamar is hilarious..."Iamoverit.org" Lol. She is serious about her career.

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