Apr 9, 2011

I might start clipping coupons...

The idea of clipping coupons always seemed like something better suited to suburban housewives juggling a tight budget and 3+ rowdy kids; However, after saving $21.76 on my latest grocery trip I was singing a different tune.

I always loathed getting all of those circulars (aka junk mail) in my box, but I decided to start looking through them and seeing if I could actually save anything. It can seem like a waste of time to clip coupons just to save $.50 - $1.50, but if you can save about a dollar on each item you buy, buy about 20 things, and guess what - - you've just saved $20!!

Any hesitation or embarrassment I was previously feeling about carrying around coupons was thrown out the window when I got about $60 worth of things for under $40. That alone was enough to change me.

Does anyone else clip coupons?
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