Apr 28, 2011

Cell Phone Intervention

It was like pulling teeth to get me to ditch my sidekick pre-2008, but I made the switch to my blackberry and it was heaven ever since....

That is until I stepped foot into the newsroom and realized my 2008 blackberry (yes, I haven't upgraded by phone in over 3 years) lacked the speed and updated technology I needed to be truly connected in today's society.

It's almost embarrassing to admit because my trusty blackberry has been with me through thick and thin.... but I need a cell phone intervention asap. I've been debating which phone I should get - - I desperately want to stick with a blackberry, but the brand needs to step it up. iPhones and Androids are taking over and I'm hoping my beloved blackberry and QWERTY keyboard can get back into the race. The revamped Sidekick 4G has me feeling a bit nostalgic... but my husband makes fun of me every time the commercial comes on.

My question to the blogosphere is what phones are you using? Have anyone tested the new sidekick? Should I wait for the iPhone 5? Will RIM ever revamp their blackberries? lol...

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