Apr 16, 2011

Kara's Mix & Match Mini Home

A few years ago I found myself searching for an apartment in Hyde Park, yet only able to find studios that worked for my budget. I know that many of us want the location and don't mind sacrificing on the space, but I was horrified to see how crazy small most apartments were.

Real estate in New York comes at a premium so Kara took her 180 sq ft piece of the concrete jungle and made it home. The functional space is an entrant in the Apartment Therapy Small/Cool 2010 Contest (Teeny-Tiny Division) and should inspire anyone facing an uber small space that it can still be comfy and cozy.

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 New York, New York 



Square Feet:


What I Love About My Home

I'm in love with bright colors and mixing and matching prints. I designed the apartment to attract the eye to little spaces. My favorite spot is the outdoor zen garden, a sweet place to chill and observe life in the Lower East Side. For extra seating, I've hung a swinging hammock chair which can be clipped into the (very sturdy!) ceiling when I have extra guests. The nook is the most relaxing spot, perfect for reading books in the sun. Finally, the wallpapered kitchen cabinets and closet add so much life and depth. An art-filled space with a downtown vibe, this apartment is a beautiful escape from city life. 

Biggest Challenge in Furnishing My Home

Umm..SPACE of course! 180 sq ft (including outdoor zen garden) makes every inch count. With the help of a few handy-men in my life, I created custom everything: queen ottoman bed (tons of storage underneath), plush corner benches in the sunning nook, bathroom shelving storage, and above-bed clothing rack (great for planning outfits while laying in bed). Under and Up! 

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