Apr 8, 2011

Apartment Therapy's 2011 Small/Cool Contest

If I was single living in Chicago and only had 523 sq ft to call home - - this place would be it! I'm completely obsessed with interior design and always look forward to Apartment Therapy's Annual Small/Cool contest. One of the entrants in the Tiny division is Chicagoan Heidi and her 523 sq ft oasis. This is my ideal bachelorette pad.... my husband would NEVER live in a place with so many female touches.

Voting will be going on until May 1st so feel free to give Heidi a vote and check out the other contestants. For any interior designs fans some of the entries will make you drool!! I absolutely love looking at what people do with their space.




 Chicago, Illinois 



Square Feet:


What I Love About My Home

Every inch of this space is utilized. I feel like I live in a luxury hotel with an amazing home office and over 20 linear feet of closet space. What more could I ask for? I want for nothing. 

Biggest Challenge in Furnishing My Home

I moved here from a much larger space to start my life over. Editing my possessions down was challenging at first. In the end, I have less stuff and more life...I am free and happy. 


Aramide said...

I love this place! Gets me inspired for looking for a new place this summer. I was worried about living in a small place since I don't have a big budget, but now I'm embracing it :)

Niki McNeill said...

I look forward to this contest every year! Such creative uses of space :)

laundrygirl said...

Ooh it's SO cute! I love the paint choices and I also like having all white towels in the bathroom.
This is a fun segment. I always follow it on Apartment Therapy. Happy Friday!

Bajan Beauty said...

Very cute, doesn't seem small at all. I don't think its that feminine. Did you see the lady in NYC with the 70sq ft apt? Now that's crazy!

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Aramide - Looking at all of the creative ways these people get the most out of their space kinda makes me want to move into a smaller apartment.

@ Niki - Yes, this contest is one of my favs.

@ LaundgryGirl - I'm absolutely OBSESSED with interior design, which is slightly funny because I don't have much of a knack for it in real life... but I love looking at what other people can do.

@ Bajan Beauty - Yes, I did see that super small apt in NYC. 70sq ft may make me have a panic attack lol... but it goes to show that you don't need that much space to live.

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