Apr 14, 2011

Lindsay's Little & Luxurious

Another entry in Apartment Therapy's 2011 Small/Cool Contest, Lindsay won me over with her Long Island abode. Her 780 sq ft space has a touch of luxury, yet seems like something that could be realistically recreated on any budget. I was never a fan of parquet wood floors, but her bedroom decor made me sing a different tune. The combination of blue paint, yellow comforter, and gray/white accent pillows was spot on. Her apartment made me see the value in painting your wall, which is something I think most renters tend to shy away from. Yes, it can be a bit of a hassle to paint things back once you move, but to be able to enjoy your space while you live there is something we should all do.

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 Long Island City, New York 



Square Feet:


What I Love About My Home

My Home is pure love. My origin. Where I start from and where I end, The beginning and the end of my day. When all is not right with my home all is not right with me. I love that in NYC I have the luxury of a modern kitchen (with dishwasher!) and a walk in closet! Also I love that my Kitty is always waiting here to greet me after a long day. 

Biggest Challenge in Furnishing My Home

I was one of the first tenants to move into my huge empty new building. My unit lacked character and a story. It seriously was when I was reading Maxwell's 8 step cure and saw the question, "what would your apartment say to you if it could speak?", that I heard my apartment scream " Give me a story, Make me different and unique!" My challenge was to give my cookie cutter space a soul. 

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