Apr 5, 2011

Natural Hair: Fluffed out for Date Night

For date night with my husband I decided to blow my hair out and do a dry twist-out... my go to style for sexy, fluffy hair. We made a late-night grocery store run for some beer and salted almonds (random lol) and I took advantage of the bright lights to get some shots of my hair.

For a video on how I create my dry twist-outs:


Anonymous said...

Your hair looks great as usual! Good job on the video. I don't know if I'll ever try the twist-out again. Maybe this week while I'm stuck in the house.

T said...

Great tutorial! Do you know if this works with wet hair? I rarely get blowouts, but I do need to try something that's let's time-consuming than my usual twistout and this could be it.

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Alisha - That's how I feel about braid outs lol... I've never really liked the results yet every now and then I still give it a try.

@ T - My wet twist-outs look MUCH different than this... but if you have your hair already in a stretched out state I'm sure you could put the same idea to practice. I think braid-outs are probably best for stretching your hair if you want to avoid heat, so you could try stretching your hair with the braids, then proceeding to style your hair dried and stretch into flat twists. Use a bit of product for moisture and something for hold, a few perm rods to help the ends curl and voila! This is for sure my go-to style.

Dee O. said...

Your hair is absolutely GORGEOUS!! WOW! I love it, and thank you so much for providing a tutorial :)


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