Apr 19, 2011

Jenna's Cookie Cutter with Charm

Having lived in Arizona for quite a few years I can attest to the overabundance of cookie cutter rentals in the Tempe area. Home to ASU, Tempe is filled with standard apartments that lack that "homey" type of quality - - and not Homey like "what's up homes..." but lived in and comfortable lol.

Although Jenna's 620 sq ft Little Division space had a generic layout, she infused it with her personality by making small additions. A pretty wall paper made the most of her updated kitchen and switching out the chandelier added a feminine touch to the space. Jenna's space was simple, yet cute and not overdone. I think anyone could realistically recreate this look on any budget.

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Name: Jenna
Location: Tempe, Arizona
Division: Little
Square Feet: 620

What I Love About My Home
I loved being able to personalize a pretty standard "Cookie Cutter" apartment. Most apartments in my city lack the character I crave, so I worked with what I had! For example.. I love my modern kitchen, but being able to add wallpaper really helped give it some charm!

Biggest Challenge in Furnishing My Home
The biggest challenge I faced was definitely budget. It took scouring thrift stores, religiously checking craigslist, and many trips to Ikea's As-Is section to furnish my apartment. Caught somewhere in between wanting my dream apartment and my reality of left over "dorm style" furniture and hand-me-downs, i tried to combine the best of both worlds. Another challenge would be lighting. With only two south facing windows (one in the bedroom, one in the living room) I get an extremely small amount of light, even during the day. I tried to help by adding some lighter and brighter pieces. Despite my challenges, I couldn't be happier with my space!

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