Apr 25, 2011

Life Without Cable Pt. 2

My journey to living a cable free life hit a major snag - - NBA Playoffs!! My husband is a sport's freak and every game has turned into a "must watch" event. An even bigger problem is that there seems to be a game on every night of the week which is making the task of sharing a TV quite taxing.

A few nights ago I "banished" him to watch a game on our "no longer connected to a digital cable box" TV. Watching TV that lacked HD was like stepping into a time machine... a really bad time machine back to the 90s lol.. and he would NOT stop complaining. I seriously thought we were going to have to go out and grab another digital receiver, even it it lacked a DVR, just so he would stop running his mouth lol... but we had a talk about how we were both going to need to make sacrifices - - I gave up a bunch of reality shows that are not must-watch for me, and he's learning that every single game isn't life or death (though Bulls games are not up for discussion).

Like I previously shared, we got rid of one of our DVR boxes and managed to cut our cable/internet service by $68, so whenever I find myself getting frustrated that I'm watching yet another layup or free throw I try to remind myself that we have an extra $ each month that we didn't have before. It helps... kinda lol.

I know that life without cable is possible, and I'm really pleased with the amount of shows available online and via Netflix, but seriously - - I'm a TV person!! Even if I'm watching CNN or HGTV (because I watch more than reality shows) having a TV is a must for me.

For those that gave up cable or cut back on their selection of channels, how long did it take you? I'm definitely going to need baby steps.


Bajan Beauty said...

I MUST have cable...but if I really had to do without it I am sure I could for a little while. I am glad I never had a DVR, I'm sure my addiction would be taken to a new level...for now Ondemand works for me or Vuze, lol.

South Loop Social Light said...

Yes, having a DVR makes it MUCH worse because you can tape (or record lol) anything and everything. Right now we're trying to balance having 1 dvr for 3 months and then make the switch to ONLY have a regular box. We'll see how it goes... Netflix really does help. I may just end up watching seasons after they've aired.

Donna * Quirky-Curls said...

I gave up cable nearly a year ago.. Reality shows were seriously getting in the way of my schoolwork ..Sad, right?? Anywho since not having cable I realized that there are so many other productive things that I can do with my time(i.e exercise, study, teach myself to cook & decorate (I Love DIY projects). I also challenged myself to find free or super cheap things to do in my city to fill the void..So I go to meet-ups, art events & festivals,etc...
A life without cable is not really that bad, i promise :)

South Loop Social Light said...

@ Donna - My husband and I are definitely TV people (me for the lifestyle stuff, him for sports) and after seeing the dismal quality of a tv not connected to a digital cable box it definitely made me sad.

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