Apr 4, 2011

Movie Night...

Last night my husband and I headed to the movies to see Source Code. Although the movie was pretty good, it's funny to think we paid $45 for a movie that only lasted 94 minutes.

The tickets were $20 and snacks were $25... and let me just say that I cringed at paying $25 for 2 large drinks, 1 small popcorn, and nachos. The kicker is that everyone knows they get over on you at the concession stand, yet most of us continue to buy snacks. In the future I think I'll head to Walgreens and stock up on snacks and bring a bottle of water.

Between streaming movies online from our Playstation 3 and having DVDs dropped in our mailbox, Netflix really has been a Godsend. I'm on the hunt to revise our household budget and save wherever we can. I really suggest any movie lover get a Netflix membership... it's awesome!

Did anyone catch any good movies this weekend?

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