Apr 11, 2011

Natural Hair: Style Ideas "Senegalese Twists"

** Update: Since writing this post last year, I actually got Senegalese Twists in Chicago a few months ago and shared with my blog pictures and my experience! For anyone in the Chicago-area interested in getting Senegalese Twists please give Nana a call. She was amazing. Let her know that Ishea sent you.

Who: Nana - 773.363.0711
Where: South Shore (Chicago)
What: Braids & Twists
Costs: Varies - $250 Long Senegalese Twists, $200 Medium Senegalese Twists

I came across YouTuber FusionOfCultures a few days ago and instantly fell in love with her Senegalese Twists. I'm a little tired of doing my hair and was thinking about the options I had for getting it out of my way. I haven't rocked braids in YEARS and I've never had twists, so I ran this style by my husband (the best sounding board) and he wasn't feeling it.

Although I was on the fence about getting them, his "nay" vote pretty much clinched my decision to pass on them. There's no way I'm paying $ to rock a style my husband loathes. Still, these were the BEST Senegalese Twists I've seen thus far and I definitely wanted to share them with everyone.

In the meantime I'm on the hunt for a style to rock throughout Spring and into Summer. Any ideas?


Bajan Beauty said...

I love Senegalese twist! I have had them installed for the past two summers. I had the smaller micro version, and they were great. I am thinking about getting them again for my trip to Puerto Rico.

Dede Akiti said...

I'm going to get Senegalese Twists installed tomorrow for the first time and I'm SO excited! Your blog has really helped me figure out what length and thickness I want, so thanks! Like your husband, my mother isn't too crazy about me getting them, but she also wasn't crazy about me growing my natural hair out (she loves it short) and she loves it now, so what does she know lol.. How long did you wear them for? I was hoping they could last for a month or two..

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