Apr 23, 2011

Male Facial Hair: Take it or Leave it?

Every military family can relate to the joy that spreads across the household when your spouse takes leave!! No PT, no crazy schedule, no demanding "Uncle Sam" butting into your relationship. You get a specific period of time that is undisturbed and strictly for you to do whatever you like! Military leave is somewhat like Christmas and a vacation rolled into one.

One of the more shallow things I love about my husband taking leave is his ability to grow out a devastatingly gorgeous beard. Yes, I love my man with facial hair and whether you'd like to admit it or not, most women find it appealing to be with a man that at least has the option of growing facial hair. Due to my husband's military career he isn't allowed to grow his beard out, ever! However, taking leave equals being able to let it grow wild!

Currently he's on a mission to "grow an Opie" ---->

For those that don't know, Opie is a character from "Sons of Anarchy" that has a sick beard. He rocks his hair uber thick and looks the part of a bad biker.

When it comes to facial hair on your man what do you prefer? Clean shaven or hairy and rugged?

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