Dec 23, 2008

New Beyonce

One of the few upbeat club songs on "I am...Sasha Fierce", "Diva" is a standout hit on the album.

I like that she keeps with the black and white theme as well as the idea of just her and 2 dancers. I wasn't a fan of the lighting in the video. I thought it distracted more than it added to the drama. I'm not sure if I understood the theme of the's kind of like they thru together a bunch of good ideas but ultimately they didn't flow together. Nevertheless, Beyonce is a true "diva" and serves us up a great song. I like how she ended the video with a snippet of "video phone", another song I love. I think she's taking a page out of the Lil Wayne "how to make a video" handbook as he did the same thing (ending a video with the song for his next video...almost having the videos trail into one another) for his The Carter III album.

Also just released is the video for the ballad "Halo". This light, airy song is further complimented by the stripped down, organic feeling of the video. I love the over the top glamour of Sasha Fierce but makeup free, pony tail, white tee Beyonce is what I prefer.

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