Dec 17, 2008

From The Hills... to The City... to The Hills again...oh my

Reality TV is my addiction and for the past 4 seasons "The Hills" has been my weekly fix. With the end in sight (I believe the finale is next week) there will undoubtedly be a huge void left. MTV has been working overtime to come up with shows to satisfy "The Hills" fans and some look promising (The City, Daddy's Girls) while others leave a lot to be desired (Bromance).

Whitney Port, a staple character of "The Hills" though not overly present will be continuing her story on "The City". The name is not original nor was Whitney an interesting/entertaining enough character to make me follow her story. I watched the preview and it seemed like this will be a decent show. I like the New York lifestyle...her job is amazing...but I am hoping that she'll grow more comfortable in front of the camera. Here's a preview:

Another show that I'm excited about is "Daddy's Girls" featuring Vanessa and Angela Simmons. It's nice for MTV to showcase young, black women that despite having well-off parents are making a name for themselves in the business world and having fun in the process. One thing I noticed is that it appears that MTV handed down the old apartment from "The Hills" that Lauren/Heidi/Audrina lived in to Angela and Vanessa...or maybe that's just the most popular building in LA...who knows! Joining the girls in LA is their cousin Jessica from New York as well as a neighbor Alyssia...or Alicia...(I don't know how she spells it). Be sure to check out the show premiering January 5th on MTV.

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