Dec 9, 2008

Style Watch: Ripped Jeans and Scarves

2008 has been the year of Rihanna. She managed to take over the charts, land numerous fashion campaigns (as well as hottie Chris Brown) and spawn tons of fashion trends along the way. Yesterday the good girl gone bad was spoted at the LAX airport sporting a cute style.

If dropping cash on jeans that have holes in them isn't your cup of tea don't fret. I found a great site that will give you step by step instructions on how to rock this trend minus the cost.

For my fellow Chicagoans feel free to throw a pair of leggings or tights under the jeans. Color is fun so don't stick to basic black or white...

Still wanna rock your scarves that were the hotness this summer? Top off a layering turtleneck or long sleeve tee with a cute scarf for a winter spin on a summer favorite.
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