Dec 28, 2008


Any proud owner of a blackberry is well aware of its addictive qualities! Being able to instantly send emails, chat via BBM, shoot pictures, go online...everything about the phone is fantastic. Last night my world came crashing to an end when I lost my phone. Well, actually my night was really fun...full of too many drinks and voice notes to Jessica :) but when I awoke this morning my camera and blackberry were nowhere to be found. I've come to accept that I lost them in the back of the cab...a random cab that hauled ass and with it took my life...memories...everything. I'm glad that I didn't lose my wallet, but anyone that knows me KNOWS that my camera is like my shadow - - everywhere I go. Like most people with a brain I had insurance on my phone so it'll be a hassle to re-program everything but that wasn't the biggest issue. I think that losing your camera feels worse. Those are your friends. family. moments! I've been brainstorming some little tips that I've realized thru this situation:

1. Don't keep extremely personal information on your phone. It's hard to not do this, especially with a blackberry...but when I get my new phone I'll be sure to watch how much info I have stored on it.

2. Always keep your phone locked. Unfortunately I didn't have my phone locked so someone else could go thru it and be a peeping tom into the ins and outs of my life.

3. Upload your pics from your camera and delete them from your memory card. I am glad that most of the stuff I had on my camera had already been uploaded to my pc and deleted. That doesn't make me miss my camera any less, but it's nice to know that someone isn't having a front row seat into all of the private, special moments of your life.

Losing stuff is never fun and this has served as a reminder that you can't place too much value in material things...and if you do, as my mom so nicely told me this morning, "You should've taken better care of it." Nothing like having your mother tell you what you already know...but she's right. So, as we go into the New Year please stay organized and keep an eye on your things...and better yet, whenever you get out of a cab be sure to take a look on the seat and make sure it didn't swallow up any of your stuff.
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