Dec 10, 2008

Real House(less) Wives of Atlanta

"The Real Housewives" series on Bravo quickly became one of my favorite reality shows. I enjoyed the women in Orange County, the bright personalities of New York, and the sassy ladies of Atlanta. During the show Nene Leakes quickly became my favorite housewife. Her ability to keep it real, be the life of the party, and have girlfriend gab sessions with friend and salon owner Dwight Eubanks kept me entertained.

After production of the show ended there was much speculation as to how lavish these women were truly living. In my opinion, DeShawn - though as enjoyable to see on tv as being forced to watch paint dry, was really the only housewife that was rich. Her family is beyond comfortable and with a 20,000 sq ft house they're doing fine. Kim seemed to be doing alright in her townhouse...much of her lifestyle being financed by "Big Poppa" and outside of her ridiculous spending, which he footed the bill for, appeared to be living her typical life...wait, minus that whole "music career" thing...but that's another blog. lol... Lisa is a savvy businesswoman and with the help of her husband (Former NFL player Ed Hartwell) seemed to be living very comfortably, thought smart...and as a side note, did anyone know that the NFL minimum salary for 4 years of experience, like Ed, is $510,000!!! What the hell! This is amazing...but it makes it pathetic that more athletes aren't infesting their money wisely...Anyways, Nene always had some mystery surrounding her. She didn't have a job, her husband was never seen working and besides saying that "he made things stable" for her and her oldest son we never got much else. I never saw her splurging on dumb shit but she was adamant that she "blessed".

In the news there have been a lot of inaccuracies being uncovered regarding Nene and Greg's " We are are the Jones' " lifestyle. First, Nene and Greg never owned the Duluth, GA home they lived in during taping, but merely rented. In addition, Greg has stated that he's a "real estate investor" but he owns a property management company, Advantage Move. On top of having $100,167.22 in tax liens against him for unpaid taxes, Georgia is requiring him to have a real estate license to run his business, which he doesn't - - so he'll be stepping down. The Atlanta Fox I-Team did a special investigation into Nene and Greg Leakes and it was really interesting. They allege that the $20,000 raised by Nene at her Twisted Hearts Foundation brunch (which was seen on the show) is unaccounted for.

Life is rough and the economy is awful right now. I always thought these chicks seemed ridiculous spending outrageous amounts of cash on meaningless things on the show. The point of the show is to showcase how the upper crust, elite members of society are living in an entertaining way. There's nothing entertaining about watching grown women bicker like teens while they really have nothing at all. I think Bravo needs to find some black women that are truly successful and not just riding the coattails of their athlete husband or perpetrating for the cameras.


ANGELINA said...

"I think Bravo needs to find some black women that are truly successful and not just riding the coattails of their athlete husband or perpetrating for the cameras."

I totally agree! I enjoyed watching the show, but I didn't like that Nene, Sheree and Kim were always so catty with each other. I want to see some successful black women that have made their own money and still manage a family and can have a good time. Who knows...maybe ten years from now we'll be on housewives :) I'll spend my money more wisely than the ladies on the show though.

By the way, what do you think of Gretchen on RH Orange County? Do you think she's genuinely in love with her old man?

South Loop Social Light said...

I've dated an older guy before, not like grandpa old...but 11 years older. People thought I was with him because he was successful but we genuinely clicked well. I think that sometimes people find themselves compatible with an older person. I mean, Gretchen is 30 yo so it's not like she's 21 and hasn't experienced life....her man is in his 50s though due to having cancer his body has aged and he looks like he's in his 70s. I believe that they genuinely love one another. Would we be happy if she was dating some guy closer to her age that possibly didn't fully appreciate her or cheated on her? Age is really just a number and I think that it's all about goals, lifestyles, and personalities meshing with one another.

Inquisitive Mind said...

RHWOA is/was funny. I mean you had Lisa (the cutie of the group) who hustled to make her money. Yes, she made money by being a Realtor from some of the ATL's upper crust that she may not have met if she wasn't a football player's wife, but she did hustle in everything she did. She is also Keith Sweat's kids mom.
Sheree's claim to fame was that she was waiting on a 7 figure settlement from her ex football playing husband. What kind of ish is that?
DeShawn is a nice girl, but her tag line 'I always knew I'd be someone famous' or something to that effect is sad. She married a dude making loads of money in the NBA. Now I'm not saying she was/is a gold digger because her husband Eric Snow was never supposed to even make the NBA and become the player that he was. They have been together since they were in college,....but she hasn't done anything outside of that. Kim, well she had someone's man and he was trying to get divorced. She looked horriawful and what is her day job?
Nene was ghettofabulous. Sorry, she kept it real, but that was real silly.
As a man, the saddest thing I have to say is that Dwight was the realest person on the show (outside of the Hartwells). Dwight knows the ATL and he could have been a real help to DeShawn and some of the other ladies. Like he was telling them, don't let this petty mess get in the way of friendship.

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