Dec 3, 2008

1 down, 6 more to go

7 days of sex?

The idea alone sounds easy enough but if you were really put to the challenge with your significant other how would you fare? That's the question Ed Young, pastor of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX posed to married members of his congregation. This challenge was the 3rd step in his series entitled "Leaving Lust Vegas" which is geared towards helping people better understand lust and its affects.

Young stated that "sex is the superglue of a marriage" but I feel that not only in a marriage, but any intimate relationship - - a healthy sex life will either make or break it. Met with some criticism from media, other pastors and even members of his own church Young said that his reasons for the challenge were simple, " has allowed culture to hijack sex from the church...this is a launching pad to take relationships to another level."

He suggested journaling throughout the process and then coming together to discuss the various feelings, emotions, etc...and that's one thing I'm sure there would be a lot of. Anyone in a relationship knows that the day to day dynamics can change often. If you're living together multiply that. Not only are you dealing with the ups and downs of your own day but you have to be sensitive to someone else's daily challenges. 7 days of sex is a great thing because it forces you to come together and make time for one another - - and believe it or not (though I'm sure you do) sex has a way of shedding the problems from the day and allowing you to escape... it's all about connecting with your significant other and that is sure to be a plus for any relationship.

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