Dec 21, 2008

Cabin Fever

"Oh the weather outside is frightful, But the fire is so delightful, And since we've no place to go, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"

As the wind violently howls outside my window the jolly Christmas song "Let it snow" plays in my mind. It is currently -4 degrees with a wind chill of -27 degrees and I'm again thinking about global warming! I had wished to get some more holiday shopping done but the sound of the wind ripping thru everything in its path has kept me inside the house. At first the sun light was peaking thru the windows and I thought to myself, "it can't be that bad outside..." but after a quick trip on the balcony, the weather put me in my place and proved otherwise. A 4' by 7' balcony 17 floors up isn't where you want to have Jack Frost nipping at your nose. 1 day in the house is giving me cabin fever...thank God for the internet and dish network...and my blackberry! I stumbled across a great new blog and think everyone should check it out. Go here to check it out. One of my favorite posts was a blog giving rules to life.

1. Spend Money on Experiences - So true. We get caught up in the excitement of shopping...dropping cash on the latest "it" item only to have it be a distant memory after a few months. Investing in a trip is a much better cause. The memories you make and feelings you have will last a lifetime.

2. Go with your gut - I don't think your gut will ever lead you down the wrong path. My Aunt always told me "your first thought is your Godly thought". I still find this to be very true today.

3. Love your flaws - Life is too short to waste time picking yourself apart. Love yourself completely, including every flaw. If you don't love yourself how can anyone else?

4. Crazy is contagious - The blog writer said it best, "Crazy is contagious. Stay far away. It's hard to keep crazy close without getting sucked into the vortex. First you hear about crazy, then you witness crazy, soon you are caught up in crazy and you are crazy."

I am obsessed with my blackberry. It is a wonderful device and thankfully it has a camera. While out and about in the city I often see things that serve as inspiration for blog ideas. As a result of cabin fever, here are some other random things on my mind.

Is it ever necessary to tail someone...especially with a centimeter of space between your bumpers? Yes, city drivers are aggressive, rude, and erratic...but if you're at a red light you need to take a big "woo-sa" and back off the other bumper of the car in front of you. I eyed this jeep around Ontario/Clark and it ridiculous how he kept creaping up on the cab in front of him. I was waiting for there to be an accident.

For all of my fellow vodka snobs I want to inform you that Stoli Elit (one of the best vodka out there) is available at Jewel. I found this lovely bottle on the shelves of the Southloop Jewel on Roosevelt and Wabash. Normally priced $59.99, it was on sale for $54.99. If you want to try something new this holiday season treat yourself and maybe some friends to this high end vodka. It'll leave you happy.

Everyone is entitled to their own hustle. Streetwise vendors are staples on the street corners around the city. While visiting my area Starbucks I was struck by the presence of the streetwise guy - - mainly because he was rocking a mink fur, electric blue leather gloves and a host of gold jewels. I found it a humorous but puzzling sight. I didn't want to treat him like an animal on display at the zoo so I tried to exert some discretion while snapping a photo. It's blurry...but you can get an idea for the type of swag he was showing while hawking his goods.
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