Dec 1, 2008

Thanksgiving '08

Thanksgiving...not just a time to catch up with family but more importantly a time to make your rounds stuffing your face with tasty treats! For me - - greens, ham, sweet potato pie and candied yams hit the spot! I spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday overindulging in scrumptious food...only to wake up Sunday morning and realize that I needed to hit the gym. Statistics say that the average person gains 5-10 lbs during the holidays and I'm not trying to join that team. Here are a few tips to not expand your waistline during the holiday season:

1. Try carrying a clutch and a drink when you're at a party. The lack of a free hand will prevent you from picking up any hors d'oeuvres...thus not adding any extra calories from finger foods.

2. Remember that alcohol has a lot of when you're throwing back the drinks and eating a ton you're more than likely overdoing it. Just an FYI:

*Martini - 69 calories
*Red Wine - 125 calories
*White Wine - 97 calories
*Margarita - 270 calories
*Long Island - 144 calories

Basically, if you can order a martini and sip on that for the night you're doing great...but if a margarita is more your speed then limit yourself to 1 and try to eat healthy. Another smart idea...alternate every alcoholic drink with a glass of water.

3. Make time for exercise. Try writing your workout schedule on a calendar and sticking to it. If your company has a workout facility in the building take advantage of that. You can dedicate 2 of your lunch hours during the week to walking or hopping on a bike. I'm also a fan of couples going to the gym together. You can motivate one another and better yet, have someone to shoot cute glances to while you're working up a sweat!

4. This may seem fairly simple, but eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Too many times people gorge themselves with holiday food like it's the last supper...though completely understood this isn't necessary.

5. If you're going to be out for a while try eating before you leave your house and packing a snack for the road. I have no qualms about walking around with a zip lock bag full of cheerios or fresh fruit. Yes, it's very similar to what you'd feed your toddler...but it works.

6. One of my personal favorites, wear something fitted. You get the benefits of looking great when you walk thru the door but are able to tell when you've eaten enough (i.e. you have to unbutton or unzip something which typically results in a sigh of relief or a huge smile...). This is also a way to monitor your weight gain, if any. I am not a fan of scales since as women our weight fluctuates all the time...but you can tell when certain pants are too tight to pull around your hips or that shirt has a roll or bump that wasn't there before.

7. Limit how much you eat out. Go to the grocery store and actually cook dinner! Not only do you get a great meal but you may have leftovers which will make an even better lunch....and you'll save money. Chances are that whatever you're cooking will be healthier and more filling than anything you could grab while out.

8. Be active! Just because the weather isn't the best doesn't mean you have to stay inside. Winter sports are tons of fun....plan a trip skiing, snowboarding, or just go outside and make some snow angels or ice skate. There are numerous ways to get out and about this holiday season.
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