Dec 29, 2008

Adventures on the CTA: Girl Fight

I've come to realize that in addition to getting me to work the CTA provides constant entertainment. Sometimes hilarious, other times like watching a train bus rides are never short of priceless moments. Today I witnessed (and being technology deprived at the moment was unable to snap a photo, record a video or even send a voice note) a girl fight - - more like an argument to the 10th power of hoodness - - between, get this, the BUS DRIVER and a women who appeared to be in her late 40s/early 50s...and I'm sure was missing some teeth and needed a shower. At first I dismissed the lady as another random hobo walking aimlessly around the bus, talking to herself, and prayed she wouldn't occupy the empty seat next to me. Then I started paying attention to what she was saying, or screaming across the bus.

"Fuck you bitch. You still an ass licker."

Everyone on the bus watched in utter disgust, half with dropped jaws, as we heard the words...filthy trash, spewing from this woman's mouth.

"I got you right where I want you bitch. I want you dead bitch. Fuck you bitch. You lick dick, bitch"

I couldn't believe this was happening. Matters were only made worse when I realized that the lady was aruging with the bus driver. The bus came to a screeching halt and the bus driver proceeded to carry on a verbal bash with the lady for about 2 mins. Yes, we all sat there in annoyance, amazement and shame as 2 black women went back and forth, definitely setting us back about 64 years...and turned my ride home into a nightmare.

I wish I could've gotten the driver's badge number because I shouldn't be subjected to hood ass sitautions on my ride home. I guess that comes along with taking the #4 Cottage Grove bus. I'm still trying to figure out if EVERY bus has nuts on it or if I'm just one of chosen few who pick the wrong bus to take.
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