Dec 10, 2008

Style Watch: Oversized Purses

I thought everyone got the memo that carrying bags the size of a small toddler or luggage that should've been checked isn't the business. I just eyed this lady walking...well, more like waddling from side to side due to the ridiculously large purse she was carrying. It was an awful site. I managed to snap a quick picture with my blackberry to share with my blog friends. Under no circumstance (unless you're running away...or off to the airport to catch a flight...or going on some crazy overnight adventure) should you carry a bag of this size on a daily basis. Please notice how she can barely support the weight of the bag on her right side and is using her left arm on the rail to support her...not to mention the face that her ride arm is stuck in a 90 degree angle! lol...let's just leave this trend alone.
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