Dec 3, 2008

Vodka Snob - part II

In my never-ending search for the best vodkas I found myself at Trump Hotel & Tower's Rebar. After ordering a Stoli Elit martini I was urged by the bartender that I should try Jewel of Russia. Jewel of Russia? What the hell was that...I politely declined. Again he urged me to "give it a taste" to which I smiled, let out a little chuckle and said no thanks. Shortly after the bartender reappeared complete with my Stoli Elit martini and another glass...he said that he was determined to have me try Jewel of Russia whether I liked it or not. He was a pushy one...I gave in and took a sip.

Cool. Crisp. Clean.

Much to my delight the liquid that made its way past my lips, tongue and slowly down my throat was nothing short of a remarkable vodka! It was a tinge smoother than Stoli Elit but honestly, they're kissing cousins. I would recommend either of these vodkas if you're looking for a knockout martini. Since these vodkas are so smooth you wouldn't want to ruin them by mixing with anything...possibly even opting to hold the olive.

Dubbed "The Drink of the Czars", Jewel of Russia comes in 3 flavors and can be found at select bars, restaurants and liquor stores ($70-$80/bottle). By viewing the site you can get a list of places close to you. I urge everyone to get in touch with their inner vodka snob this holiday season and treat your taste buds to a delightful martini!




Raquel Pauline said...


The jewel of russia is the best vodka, period.




You got to be a real vodka snob to know The Jewel of Russia.

Most people are so caught up in rap music and marketing that they can't understand why anything would be better than "The Goose" or "Belvie".

The Jewel of Russia is by far the best I've ever tasted, and I'm a Stoli girl.

If the vodka ain't Russian it aint right!

South Loop Social Light said... snobs unite! Beliv and Goose have nothing on this...I'd use those for mixing drinks...not a martini! lol...

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