Dec 19, 2008

Bad Girls Club: Season 3

Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club" is one of many guilty pleasure reality shows on TV. From the producers of "The Real World", BGC features 7 self-proclaimed "bad girls" living together in a mansion under the premise of working together to better themselves. Of course watching people better themselves isn't what our generation really wants to see in a reality show... so the show is full of cat fights, drama, and nights partying in LA.

The show always features memorable characters. Season 1 had Ripsi Terzian (pictured right) who after a night of drinking blacked out and went on an abusive rage against her castmates. It was hilarious to watch but landed Ripsi a 1-way ticket out of the Bad Girl's house. Nobody will forget season 2 castmate Tanisha Thomas who was the undisputed queen bee of the house. Tanisha had a larger than life personality and used intimidation and her Brooklyn ways to keep the majority of her roommates in check. She also managed to coin a few of her own terms... Tanisha could be heard yelling "Pop Off" to many people. Here's a clip of some of her funny moments:

This season just started but I'm curious to see how things will develop for the 2 black castmates. Tiffany Gibson (pictured left) is from Chicago and has remained low-key so far. Besides chain smoking, she hasn't been involved in much of the drama. the stereotypical loud, The preview for next week's episode shows her possibly getting into a fight with the other black girl, Kayla Carter (often called K.C.). Kayla is from Cali and calling her ghetto or hood would be going easy. She is the EXTREME typecast. She is a sloppy drunk and usually ends up starting fights and being all over the place. She has a loud bark but I highly doubt the bite to match. Kayla is definitely the train wreck of the show but she could end up growing the most.
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