Dec 6, 2008

And the Oscar goes to...

Last night I saw Cadillac Records and while the movie was okay, Beyonce's acting wasn't anything to write home about. I've found myself baffled by the fact that people have mentioned to her, namely Oprah during a recent interview, that she had "Oscar buzz" surrouding her performance. Excuse me? Oscar buzz? I think that Oprah was putting the "gas your head up" tank into over drive.

Beyonce does a decent job in the movie...but since when is a grammy award winning singer playing another grammy award winning singer this big, dramatic undertaking?

Everytime Beyonce makes a movie there doesn't have to be "oscar buzz" surrounding her performance. There are tons of legitimate actors...great actors...that have never won an oscar. Let's allow Beyonce the chance to get out of acting school and get her feet wet a little more before we throw that pressure on her.

On a lighter note, I must commend Beyonce for being an amazing humanitarian. She donated her ENTIRE salary from the movie to the Phoenix House Rehab for Women located in New York. That's a wonderful way to spread the holiday cheer.
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