Apr 6, 2010

Reality Check: Christian Siriano (Having a Moment)

Everyone's favorite Project Runway winner is back on Bravo with his own reality show. In Christian Siriano: Having a Moment viewers are given a behind the scenes look at Siriano's daily life as he builds his mini fashion empire. Airing Monday nights on BravoTV, the first episode showed Siriano as he (along with his wonderful staff, family and boyfriend) tackled the chaos of NY Fashion Week and his 3rd runway show.

I miss Project Runway being on BravoTV (I just couldn't get with Lifetime) and I'm a fan of Siriano so this show works for me. Any fashion addict or lover of reality TV will be able to appreciate this new show. I can't say that it's something I'll rush home to see, but it does make it on my "must dvr" list.

Check out a preview below:

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