Apr 28, 2010

Great body without the gym?

Am I the only person that rolls my eyes at the Sketcher's Shape Ups and Reebok EasyTone sneaker commercials? Besides the fact that the Shape Ups are hideous, I think marketing to women that you can have this amazing body without ever stepping foot inside of a gym is a joke! The Reebok Easy Tone sneakers are visually more appealing with their balance ball technology, but their marketing still relies heavily on avoiding the gym and gaining great results.

Always on the search for a quick fix, they might as well manufacture a magic wand lol. Ladies, don't believe the hype. While these shoes may improve some stimulation to your muscles, please don't think it'll come without exercise. Those hoping for miraculous results with little work as possible should invest in a plastic surgeon or a magic wand... because a gym shoe is not going to solve any of your weight woes.

Has anyone tried either of these shoes? What are your thoughts?
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