Apr 12, 2010

Basketball Wives?

Where do I even begin with the "Basketball Wives" reality show that premiered on VH1 tonight? This show is a joke. It’s called “Basketball Wives” but really the only thing these women have in common is that they’ve slept with NBA players. I think the show consists of 1 wife (headed for divorce), a divorcee, a fiancee, an ex-girlfriend and a former NBA dancer/baby mama.This show is a low brow version of the Bravo “housewives” series and a joke in my opinion. If you want to have a show about Basketball Wives, find ACTUAL wives.

It's somewhat surprising that VH1 picked up this show, but judging by the other lineup of Sunday night reality shows I probably shouldn't be. Wedged between Brandy and Ray J trying to extend their relevance and Chili and her baby hair looking for a man, the show airs Monday nights at 10p. If you have nothing better to do take a look and judge for yourself... but me? I don't have room for another reality show featuring grown ass women perpetrating a fake friendships and acting catty. I understand they all want their 15 mins of fame, but they all are really too grown for these reindeer games.

I'll pass on this one.


E's said...

Chili and her baby hair...LOL!

Keyona said...

I feel you on that one. I was going to watch it but I didn't. Everyone is out for their two dollars and two cents. It probably won't last that long anyway.

Mrs. Denga said...

Rotfl @ Chilli's baby hair. I totally agree. I was disturbed last night watching this. It is a waste of time. This show is perfect for VH1. I mean, they had Flava of Love for crying out loud! I think Bravo has more descent reality shows and using that word "descent" is stretching it. I mean, how descent can a reality show be??????

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