Apr 16, 2010

Love vs. Money

The topic of gold diggers and those choosing to marry for money over love is pretty old. Still, when I saw LisaRaye state on her reality show that she was not in love when she got married but instead compared it to a business deal it surprised me. Not because this isn't something people do, but because she's in the midst of a bitter divorce battle to get millions of dollars she feels she's entitled to. Well, I think proclaiming on national TV that your marriage was a business deal and there was no love doesn't help your legal case.

I'm curious to know everyone's opinion on this situation. If you're married for what's just a blip on the radar, you admit it wasn't because of love, and you're eager to get your payday (like LisaRaye) do you think this is just karma catching up with her? Or does she deserve to get paid? Is it okay to date for money, just not marry for money?

I know of many women that have no issue keeping suitors around that are helping to finance their lifestyle, and I try not to judge them... but I think there's NOTHING better than getting stuff on your own. There's something to be said about creating a lifestyle for yourself and not being nervous that you can get cut off or have the plug pulled.

** I found this video on LisaRaye and her ex when they were prepping for their wedding. Take a look and let me know if you see any cracks in the veneer of their relationship **


Skeeta said...

LOL @ this video. I cute vid and a fairytale wedding definitely don't make a marriage. I didnt hear that quote in her show, but I heard her on a radio show last week and when asked she said she truly loved him and that he was such a great person. Someone else must have called her out too!

And I agree with having ur own money thing, because you can hold ur head high and keep your morals and your dignity instead of dropping your pride becoming a commodity like many women do at the first sign that their money (ie man) may be slipping away from them.

Fab, Funny and Foolish said...

This video is really funny, it seems a bit rehearsed..unlike everyone else, I don't really like LisaRaye..I've always felt she was a bit full of herself, she's beautiful nonetheless but I don't think she's very talented.

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