Apr 13, 2010

Reality Check: Tiny & Toya

Let me be the first to say I instantly did not like this show. I wrote it off after the first preview and thought it was a joke BET was even airing it. Saturday afternoon I found myself enjoying a relaxing day in the house and with nothing to do. My TV somehow made its way to BET and I caught the season 1 marathon of Tiny & Toya.

Tonight is the Season 2 premiere of Tiny & Toya and cameras will continue to follow the duo as they tackle family life, career and making a name for themselves in Atlanta, GA. I never thought I'd be saying this, but I'm excited to watch season 2 of this show. Once I got past their accents, I was able to really delve into their storylines and believe it or not, they really do touch me. *crickets* Yes, I know... it's crazy for me to be "Team Tiny & Toya" because I had NOTHING but negative things to say. I'm glad I gave this show a 2nd chance because it really is good.

New episodes air Tuesday nights on BET 9p central time.
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