Apr 9, 2010

Reality Check: LisaRaye

Let it be known that LisaRaye only wears white. Don't believe it? One only needs to sneak a peak inside her closet and you'll be greeted with what appears to be an all access pass into a lifelong Diddy white party. I'm all about brown skin in white, but wearing white 24/7 borders on excessive. A white wardrobe, white Rolls Royce and white diamonds are the norm in the world of LisaRaye.

In her new reality show, LisaRaye: The Real McCoy, we are shown a side of LisaRaye that few have seen. Her life as a mother, post divorce battle and daily grind to get back into the limelight are a few of the things we get to see.

I like LisaRaye. She reminds me of a really pretty, high maintenance ghetto chick that you could be friends with. She's down to earth and real, but a bit self absorbed. Is she a gold digger or just a women that knows her worth and goes for what she feel she deserves? I haven't figured it out yet but I'll keep watching. She's grabbed my attention and this is another reality show that has made the cut.

On a side note, I must say that I really like her relationship with her daughter Kai. She comes across as an overly affectionate, loving mother. I also love that her daughter works at Bath and Body Works. I'm all about kids having jobs and not getting handouts from their parents.

New episodes air Thursday nights @9p on TVOne

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