Apr 15, 2010

Tech L♥ve

I found this iPhone case on Overstock and it's the cutest thing in the world to me. Following the advice of my accountant I need to invest in a business line so maybe an iPhone isn't out of the picture.I'm a proud blackberry girl, but this phone case makes me want to switch teams!!!

I'm going to obsess over this case until it's mine. I have a name for it and everything! Patches McGhee... yes, Patches McGhee will be my iPhone case and I think I'll name my iPhone Leila.

Wait, AT&T is a garbage network so I'd probably have to wait for the iPhone to be on Verizon. *le sigh* maybe I should just opt for the iTouch. Decisions, Decisions!!

Does anyone else have a current "tech lust"? Better yet, who has a cool phone case?
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