Apr 1, 2010

Life made Simple

A pizza craving hit me Saturday night and I decided to order some Domino's. Say what you will, but I've always liked their pizza. I think it goes back to 'pizza days' in elementary school lol... but I was on the phone and decided to try ordering my food online. Wow is all I can say... their online ordering process is AMAZING! Sometimes we find things that make life that much easier for us and Domino's has not only mastered, but set the bar HIGH for online ordering.

From the moment I placed my order I was given an up to the minute update on its status. I opted for pickup instead of delivery and it was beyond helpful to see when my pizza had been placed in the oven to bake... was being inspected... and even ready for pick up!

Now... you may be thinking what good is this fabulous online ordering process if their pizza doesn't rock your world. Well, I must also add that all of the advertising they've been doing about having improved the taste of their food is true! Their crust is better, the ingredients tastier and the sauce... well, saucier! I have to say that I was really pleased with their pizza... pleased enough to pass the word along my my blog friends that this is a must try. You can visit their online site and see what coupons/specials are available in your area... but please have a taste and let me know what you think.
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