Apr 26, 2010

Reality Check: Dhani Tackles Senegal

In tonight's episode Dhani continues tackling the globe in the West African country of Senegal. With preparation from his trainer and home town Lutte wrestling champion Bombardier, Dhani is trained on the popular Senegalese sport of Lutte, which has origins in Olympic wrestling.

At 6'1" 235lbs, watching Dhani attempt to put on his loin cloth is definitely a sight to see, but even more impressive is his trainer and hometown hero Bombardier, coming in at an impressive 6'7" and 300 lbs. Women will love the eye candy as these Lutte athletes train on the beach (chocolate, buff bodies in barely nothing? Yes please!) Men will love the athleticism and competitive nature of the sport. Everyone will watching Dhani embrace the Senegalese culture, rich in culture, history and love for their hometown sport.

New episodes air Monday nights on the Travel Channel.

1 comment:

Mop Top Maven said...

...I just want to know whose idea it was to have a close up of this mans crotch on the video!!! LOL

I may have to definitely tune in to watch Dhani [put on his loin cloth] embrace the culture.... lol

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