Jan 2, 2014

Lesson 2: Don't Pick Your Blemishes

Growing up my mom always told me to not pick at my face. She also was horrified when I'd run around the house and bruise up my legs or be on my elbows or knees. God forbid her daughter have "dark" knees/elbows lol. Anyone else have a Southern mother? Anyways, despite hearing this stuff to the point of exhaustion growing up, I tend to find it oddly relaxing to clean my pores, over tweeze my brows, just stare at myself in the mirror and diagnose what's going on with my situation... which brings me to my next lesson - -

Lesson 2: Don't Pick Your Blemishes

An idle mind isn't the devil's playground in my world... but instead if I'm bored I have to give myself pep talks to stay out of the mirror and not bother my skin. It seems so simple, but it's like man... if I could JUST clean this pore out a tad bit more, then I'd be fine. Next thing you know I have a freaking blemish which is not the business. On top of that, I had a mini outbreak mid 2013 due to some birth control glitches, so my face was more colorful that usual. My plan is to stay out of the mirror and find some other business in 2014. I also plan on referencing the below Family Guy clip if I ever stray lol.

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