Jan 15, 2014

Lesson 9: There's always time for a workout

You know how people say there isn't enough time in a day to accomplish everything, especially working out? Well, that's a crock of shit! Yes, I'm here to tell you that there IS enough time to workout... even if it's only for 20 mins.

I originally posted this last night for my fitness group on Facebook, but wanted to share it here too

Workout 1 for the week! 

Let me give my testimony:

I walked home from work today which was great, but I was craving a crunch bar. I told myself I'd grab one from the 7 Eleven I pass each day. Of course I go in there and that's the ONLY candy bar they don't have. (blank stare) so I grabbed some jerky. Then as I'm sitting here debating whether to watch Being Mary Jane or workout, I realized I can try to do it all. I speed through Being Mary Jane (thanks to my DVR) and order take-out. They say it'll be ready in 15 mins... so I'm sitting there like damn... I don't have enough time to workout (lies the devil will tell you lol)... anyways, after sitting at my laptop for about 5 mins looking at Pinterest, I remember my goal of getting in 2 workouts by Wednesday each week. I tell myself I can make tmrw a 2-a-day. I realize that'll probably not happen... So, I start putting on my workout clothes as I'm talking myself out of working out because "it's not enough time..." Fast forward to now... went to the gym and did about 15 mins of speed intervals (great way to get your heart rate up), watched Being Mary Jane, ordered and picked up my take out, AND found my new hair crush on Pinterest. Y'all the DEVIL IS A LIE! I rebuke all of the demons surrounding your workout plans this week lol.

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