Jan 27, 2014

Tights with Shorts... in the Winter?

Those that are new to my blog and life might not know that I lived in Arizona for years, so warmer temps in the winter aren't new to me. I mean, I've celebrated Christmas in flip flops.

Moving to Seattle has once again afforded me the opportunity to experience a mild winter, although nothing like Arizona. Still, with temps averaging in the 40s and lower 50s, I have zero complaints and have embraced the ability to ditch winter jackets and snow boots.

With that said, I feel like rocking shorts with tights isn't some brand new concept. I'm not killing hoes with my fashion game or dropping all types of insane winter wear knowledge. I came into work today and a co-worker pointed out to me that I was the "perfect walking contradiction" wearing shorts and a faux fur hat in the winter.

Mind you, it's about 40 degrees outside. O mph wind. The high for today is 48. I'm trying to paint a picture lol...

I'm still dealing with PMS and a fuck deficiency, so I told her that me rocking shorts with tights was no different than someone that put on a skirt or dress with tights. Our legs are still exposed to the same degree. She thought about it for a second and was like, "I guess you're right..." umm.. yeah, I know lol.

Tights with Shorts
Tights with Shorts
Seeing someone rock jean shorts might be more noticeable than a skirt/dress. I even know that my tights being faux otd inspired might be considered edgy... but in theory, it's really not THAT fucking cold outside, so my clothes aren't that outside the box.

What am I supposed to wear? Long johns and a thermal? Oh, Seattle lol...

Anyways, do you rock anything that contradicts the season you're in?

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