Jan 4, 2014

New Hashtag for 2014 #TeamEitherWay (via @MissDrini)

So when I posted my before and after pic yesterday, I had no idea it would start something 😜 I’m sure many wonder why makeup artists post before and after pics of their work……it’s b/c it not only shows the skill level of the artist but also how future clientele can potentially look, made up. With contouring and highlighting alone, you can conceal problematic areas that are often time the brunt of many women’s insecurities. But it’s also important to feel comfortable in your natural state because beauty isn’t makeup.

Sooooo…..makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts, if you want to post your before and after pic, use hashtag #teameitherway

S/o to these ladies for posting your before and after pic…..you all are GORG, major group hug!!
@moshoodat @tokenbrowngirl @royal_blue_mua @ericaglam_iam @beautyofallfaces_artistry @faceoverbye @cheverlyhillz
Unlike life on many reality shows, most regular people don't go to sleep with a full face of makeup on each night (i.e The Kardashians, Real Housewives, etc...). One of my favorite makeup artists, Miss Drini, started a new hashtag called #TeamEitherWay showcasing her flawless execution as a makeup artist, along with her natural, makeup free beauty at the end of the day.

Why is this so awesome? Well, because it's easy to see all of the faces on Instagram beat to perfection and forget that while beautiful, it's really a transformation with the art of makeup. This isn't a rant about how makeup is bad, and no... I'm not about to go off about folks that use #NoFilter #NoMakeup while having a filter AND makeup lol... but just celebrating the fun we girls (and some guys) can have with beauty products, but give balance and perspective that no, I didn't wake up like this (Sorry Beyonce).

This also comes on the heels of an insightful post and YouTube video from blogger Shannon T. Boodram on the effects Instagram is having on self-esteem. Definitely check it out and share your thoughts using the hashtag #HowToLookLikeMe.


Weavemaster Tam said...

I think we need to stop guilting women into doing things to show everyone we are *regular*. We aren't idiots, we know makeup when we see it. I know someone's eyelids aren't sky blue and their lips aren't bright purple. It's obvious when someone has makeup applied, and if they look gorgeous, then we should teach our children to say *kudos* instead of *take all that off so you can look normal and make me feel good about myself* I don't wear makeup often, and I don't even own concealer or foundation. But I think this isn't always about low self esteem, it's about bulling.

Classic *you ain't as cute as you think you are*, and our attempts to *check ourselves before we get checked* chips away at our creative freedoms and validates people's complaints. Your face is your own, you are not obligated to show me, a stranger, anything. Same with women who wear weaves, if you never show your real hair in public it will forever be your choice and you don't deserve ridicule for it.

Ishea said...

This has nothing to do with guilt tripping women into being "regular," but I think we've forgotten what "regular" actually looks like... and by no means is it a bad thing!

At the end of the day when you strip everything away, you should like who you see in the mirror and understand that the makeup, weaves, etc is all fun stuff to play with, but an accessory and NOT an actual part of you.

Also, I think our culture has long been consumed with unrealistic standards of beauty, so Instagram is nothing new... it's just switched the focus from hyperfixating on celebs and instead everyday girls are now able to craft a visual image.

All of this is to say, creative expression is great and should be encourage. However, it's nice to have balance and balance, by no means is guilt.

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