Jan 17, 2014

Waiting for my hair to grow back...

I already told everyone I got my hair cut. A cut that was intended to be a trim, but leave it to me to wait a little over 4 months to address my raggedy ends. So yeah, I've been dealing with way shorter hair and trying to not lose my mind at the lack of desired length. Yes, I know it'll grow back... but damn, there's just something that really sucks (even if for a moment) about losing length you actually liked.

On top of that, now my curly hair when stretched is about the length my shrunken hair was before! lol... the horror. In the meantime, I'm focusing on length retention, a new proactive trim schedule of every 2-3 months, and being more conscientious of how I handle/manipulate my strands.

I'm being a little dramatic because of the initial shock of it all, but after looking at old blog posts over the years I've made a habit of ignoring trims and then clutching my pearls as I wall slide whenever I need to trim cut 2 inches. Whatever.

So, I was on Pinterest the other night looking for hair inspiration and came across this stunning picture of Yaya. Her hair in this shot is the stuff my curly dreams are made of! It's beyond amazeballs. What's even better? I feel like this is what my hair has the potential to grow into once I get the length back (and then some). It's fluffy, curly, and full. Not overly defined, looks soft and magical. Like it's home to heaven-like dreams.

natural hair, red lip

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