Jan 9, 2014

Lesson 7: Just Do It

Over the years I've blogged about my life, hair, events, the countless times I've moved lol... a bunch of stuff, but my blog never really had one true focus. While this is very much a reflection of how random my personality can be, in the past few months I had started to crave something more.

I had no intentions of scrapping this blog... it's been my eBaby since 2008, but in 2014 I wanted to branch out a bit. So, last night I went live with my new blog, Eat.Pray.F-ck.!!

Okay... so the name. Yes, it's a bit extra and to be honest I went back and forth on whether or not it was a good choice. Something about it made me cringe and smile, all at once. I hope I don't lose people because it comes off as a little "in your face" and potentially ratchet because at the heart of everything I want to cultivate an online destination that nurtures candid conversations on relationships, sex & love.

I have no intention of sitting on a golden throne handing out relationship advice like I'm above it all. In fact, I feel like I've experienced so many highs, lows, amazing and crazy things... I was just sitting around thinking, "what the hell do I do with all of this experience?" So, Eat.Pray.F-ck. is my outlet to create the type of relationship blog I, myself, would like to read.

My girlfriend asked if I would wait to see what type of content my readers wanted and I laughed... "I have no readers," I responded, and it's true... I'm currently the only person following the blog and you know what? There's something insanely exciting and freeing about playing to an empty room.

Anyways, as cliche as it sounds, I decided to "just do it" and take a leap of faith! I'm excited to share something so personal to me with everyone. Feel free to take a look, follow it if you fancy, or share it with someone you think might enjoy.

Twitter: @EatPrayFck
Blog: EatPrayF-ck.Blogspot.com

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