Jan 21, 2014

When in Rome...

When I found out the Seattle Seahawks were hosting a "Blue Friday Rally" by my job on Friday, I let the spirit overcome me and grabbed a t-shirt to show my support. This "Beast Mode" shirt was the last one available at Target (other than a men's XXL shirt), so I paid my $12 and left with a smile. Small investment to show some new team spirit. Mind you I didn't know who the guy was on my shirt, or that it was a play on the Starbucks logo, but I felt festive and that was enough.

Having moved so many times over the years I've learned to adopt a "when in Rome..." type of attitude. Now that we're in Seattle, I'm supporting the Seahawks and their shot at winning the Super Bowl. Someone mentioned online how ironic it was that the two teams going to the Super Bowl were both states that legalized marijuana... and thus were having a "bowl" game lol. Plus, I've already seen invites to "Toke 'n Bowl" parties... actually a rather clever idea.

I'm a Chicago girl and still a fan of the Chicago Bears, but by no means have I ever been a super fan. I've been to maybe 1 game.. and while it was fun, I'd definitely prefer to watch from the comfort of my couch or at a bar. Also, my high school colors were blue and orange, so I think the Bears always had a fond spot in my heart because it was more of the same lol.

Anyways, this city goes hard for the Seahawks. Even the dog groomer (Downtown Dog Lounge) made sure Khaleesi was decked out in the finest of blue and green! Selfishly I'm excited to live in a city with a sport's team that's hot shit right now. I already have plans to get a Sherman jersey, and am happy that for a moment my friends in other cities don't think I'm living in a completely wack place. Yes, a bit basic... but it still makes me smile.

So, who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? Seahawks or the Broncos?

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