Aug 7, 2013

Beyonce cut her hair. Why do you care?

I was getting ready to write an eloquent post about period panties lol.. but then low and behold, Beyonce... Ms Queen Bey herself took out her signature weave and flood the internet streets with the debut of her new, short 'do.

It's funny because I feel like so many celebs are known for their constant hair changes, so in theory it shouldn't be that big of a deal... but I haven't been living under a rock, so I get it - - Beyonce is a big deal and we care about what she does to her hair.

So, my thoughts? I think it's cool to see her experimenting with her look. I'm VERY interested in seeing all of the blog posts that will appear tomorrow morning. I'm sure anyone that cares about hair is in the midst of prepping a post on this topic lol. I wonder if Beyonce's new hair will break Twitter tomorrow? lol..

What do you think of her short hair?

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