Aug 6, 2013

Do you Tip on Take Out?

I've always struggled with tipping. Do I intentionally tip high to make a statement that 'all black people don't suck at tipping'? Do I tip based on service? Do I tip out of pity that the server is making 3 cents an hour? Do I say "fuck tipping... I didn't tell you work here?" Suffice it to say I've been all over the spectrum with tipping.

Last night I was craving pizza, so we decided to grab some Domino's. Now, before you throw stones by way, yes... I'm a Chicagoan that absolutely LOVES Domino's pizza. They updates they did to the crust is just amazeballs. So, instead of using my trusty Domino's App that never fails me, I got the bright idea to order online using my laptop. Large, original crust with pepperoni, mushrooms and green peppers! Done and done.

I head out of the house to pick it up... something I hardly EVER do when ordering pizza... and once I got to the location they were all crickets saying my order never went through. What the? *le sigh* So, I order it again and they assure me they can crank it out within 12 mins.

I grab something to drink and go wait in my car... fast forward 12 mins later and the quickness with which those Domino's employees not only made my order, but flew out of the store with multiple orders to deliver... and all with SMILES plastered on their faces. I was blown away.

I left a tip on a carry out order... which I almost NEVER do. Seeing the level of service and work that goes into putting everything together... well, yes... it's deserving of a tip too. It might not be what you'd tip for dine in service, but seriously... TIP!!!

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