Aug 3, 2013

Friday Night Sweat Session + ANTM

Whenever I think of "2 a days" my mind races back to thoughts of high school football. Mildly athletic teens being forced to hit the gym morning and night, all in an effort to "win state" lol. Last night I needed to clear my head, so despite having already worked out with my trainer at 5am that morning, I hit the gym again for a cardio session.

The TV in my apartment gym only tunes into one channel - - the CW. Thus, I was forced to check out the season 20 premiere of America's Next Top Model. I haven't really watched this show since maybe season 5, but honestly... after Eva, Yaya, and Toccara season 3 I was cool on the rest. Anyways, this is a show that I can watch on mute... and ironically it's about models, so in theory they should be able to paint an effective story without the volume turned up lol.

I can't say that I've been successfully sucked into watching this entire season, but I might make it a Friday night ritual to clear my head with cardio instead of happy hour drinks.

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