Aug 5, 2013

Working Out to Relieve Stress

As I sit here typing this post, my left eye is currently alternating between a throb and a twitch... the stress is alive, y'all... but tonight I did my best to stick to my workout schedule and make some time to hit the gym. It's hard to convey how badly I wanted to avoid this workout... but I dug down deep inside my inner being and thought about the cookies I ate earlier lol... I wish I was joking, but sometimes the only thing motivating you to hit the gym is the knowledge that you lost your mind on a particular meal that day lol. What can I say - - I'm not match for pms cravings. 

On another note, buying my heart rate monitor was one of the best purchases I ever made and seriously changed the way I workout. It's awesome to see actual data from my workouts and no longer have to guess how much I burned. One of the added bonuses is that most treadmills are Polar compatible, so I can see my stats live on the machine while I workout! Score.

Time to curl up in the bed... stand on my tip toes reaching for some ZZzzzZZZzzz's before my AM workout with my trainer.

Words of Wisdom: Don't let Stress Get you Got! It's real in these streets.

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