Aug 9, 2013

Let's Talk: Period Panties

Back in 2010 I blogged about doing a Panty Drawer Face Lift and once again I'm in a place where I'm questioning my choice in panties. This time, it's all about "period panties."

First, let me start by saying I'm not one of those women that loathes getting their period. It's a beautiful sign each month that I've once again been successful at warding off the child bearing process! Yes... 3 snags in a Z formation. My gripe, however, is choosing the best type of period panty that provides both comfort, peace of mind, and doesn't make me look like a grandmother.

Now, this is something I would give zero fucks about if I lived alone, but for the sake of my boyfriend and actually caring about his opinion I figured there was a way to rock "period panties" while still being somewhat cute... or, well... I'm not even reaching for cute, but let's be real... I don't want to look like a frump when I'm already dealing with possible cramps, mood swings, and bloating.

So, my question is for all ladies that live with their significant other... or maybe they're not that significant but you share your space with someone lol... what is your period panty of choice?

Me? I've been opting for Target's selection of soft, jersey and lace panties that are $5 and come in cute patterns and colors.


T said...

Leave it to you to have a whole post about drawls. When you interrupted this post to post on Bey yesterday I thought you were joking. I'm always a fan of the Pink collection when I need to wear a whole pair of drawls (we both know thongs are not whole drawls, they are butt floss). Also, anytime I can say drawls, I am a happy woman. Drawls. Drawls. Drawls. LOL!

eesh said...

I go for a boy short around that time. Not THEE sexy kind, the sportier ones. That keeps "wings" from being visible while still allowing you to look somewhat cute. Add a nice fitting beater and you're good!

Ishea said...

@ T - LOL @ Butt Floss. Yeah, I don't mind thongs, but when I have my period the last thing I want in butt floss lol. I need to make another trip to VS for their Pink.

@ Eesh - I should look into boy shorts. I only have a few pairs... never got into them as much.

Jenna Marie Christian said... always give me laugh. I struggle with this issue as well. I do have some boyshorts, but I must admit I do have a few pair of the old school fruit of the looms full briefs... o_O

Keisha said...

The period panty struggle is so real. I loathe that time of the month only because of that one reason. I don't like surprises and I wish that my body knew not to mess up the cute pick pair I just bought.

Sidenote: I don't have anyone living with me so I stand in solidarity with you! Great post :)

and yes...DRAWLS

Bri said...

Yeah there is nothing pretty about what I wear during that time....I LOATHE it. I opt for a shapewear underwear in black or beige like these:

Sometime I get "cute" and do lace

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