Aug 29, 2013


So, I had thrown my hat into Luvvie's #31WriteNow blog challenge... of course I didn't blow every day, but I enjoyed the idea of challenging myself to write more consistently. I'm such a cancer... allowing my mood to dictate my life, so I wrote a lot more than usual... but when I was feeling like it, well... I just didn't write lol. And did I feel bad about it? Nope. I guess that might be another cancerian thing - - feeling bad about NOT feeling bad. Am I alone in that?

Well, my old coworker and fellow cancer, The Jort Report, mentioned a new blogging challenge she'll be participating in next month and well, it sounds like fun! lol... yes, it's a little crazy since this current blog challenge isn't even over, but the idea of having topic ideas is what really appeals to me. I like freedom, but secretly desire structure.

For anyone that is looking for a more structured blogging challenge, and by structured I mean a blogging challenge with topics lol, feel free to join me in Blogtember! The challenge will run 9/3 - 9/30, because you know...everyone will be out living their lives and being awesome during the holiday weekend lol... so let me know if you'll be doing it!

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Julie Lovenbury said...

I love a good blog shoutout! This is going to be very entertaining :) cancer love to you GF!

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