Aug 20, 2013

Love, Cork, Screw Radio

Have you heard Love, Cork, Screw? For anyone that is a fan of the monthly 'The Tequila Tales' events, Love Cork Screw features Chrishon and Issac bringing their vibrant candor to the digital airwaves as they discuss Love, Wine, and Relationships. In episode 13 of the show (below) they ask the question: In a relationship, how do you know when it's over?

Personally, I have experienced what I would call 2 major break-ups -  - the first with my on again/off again college boyfriend, and the second with my ex-husband. Yes, I've dated other people, but these were probably the most impacting break-ups to date. While we all know that relationships can run the gamut of highs and lows, it's an odd experience to be aware of a relationship as it's dying in real time. So, how did I know it was over? Well, hindsight being 20/20, my college boyfriend and I were probably over the moment we moved in together lol. At the time, I would say that I knew it was really over when we were arguing all the time and got so petty as to fight over a 25 cent bag of chips. Yes, it was THAT petty.

As for my ex-husband - - I'd say I knew it was over when divorce was a real option. I always said that I'd never be the type of person to threaten someone with divorce in a marriage. I think that it's one of those words that should never be uttered..... and if you're throwing that on the table, then it's time to go. It might not be the best comparison, but almost like you don't pull out a gun unless you're prepared to shoot? I view divorce like that.... I don't even think of it as a final resort, in that sense it's not an option, but more of an ending. Anyways, that's another rant for another day.

Long story short, you should be listening to Love, Cork, Screw Radio! It's amazeballs and a great way to soak up an hour of your time. Listen while you're at work and visit their Facebook page to engage online!

Sidebar: If you're in the Chicago area, join Isaac and Chrishon (and Kacey lol) for The Tequila Tales at Red Kiva on Thursday, 8/22 for their next event! Doors open at 7p - - RSVP by clicking here.

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