Aug 2, 2013

Learning to be Present

Since moving to Seattle in June, I've quickly come to realize that I lack the ability to be truly present in the moment. I am working through all of this in real time so depending on the day my outlook can vary, but in short I think I'm a slight OCD planner... always focused on what's coming next and never truly enjoying the present.

Thinking back on the last few years, everything I've done has been working towards some larger goal, far off date, just something that had nothing to do with the current moment.

They say admitting you have a problem is the first step... so consider this blog step 1. My goal is to try and take each day as it comes, still keeping my long term goals... but relaxing and setting short term goals. And by short term I mean like daily goals lol... and simple ones -  - don't stress, make time for exercise, don't vocalize every negative thing about life, say 1-3 positive things... Yes, it's a bit basic, but I've been described by multiple people as "the most emotional person they know" ... so yeah, I'm starting slow.

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